Budapest Freestyle Games

Fresstyle and Speed Slalom Competition 14-Sep-2019

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Budapest Freestyle Games

Location and date

1107 Budapest, Zágrábi utca 14.
GPS coordinate: 47.4686116, 19.1209563
Semmelweis Egyetem Testnevelési és Sportközpont, Sporttelep
(If you write the address to navigation please use postal code (1107) also because we have similar or same street names in different districts of Budapest.)

Date: 14-Sep-2019 Saturday

More details about public transport, taxi and car parking in Budapest is available below.

Brief summary of Budapest public transport

You can travel within Budapest by BKK (buses, trams, metro).
To use this service tickets has to be bought in advance.
There are several ticket machines in the city and usage guide is available below:
The ticket prices are available on this link:
You can read the ticket validation instruction here:
We have direct bus connection from the airport to the downtown by 100E bus but basic BKK ticket is not valid for this:

Important M3 Metro information:

The metro line is under reconstruction and part of the line is replaced by BKK Buses.
These buses also marked with M3. The competition venue is accessible by these M3 replacement buses.


Usually Google maps is perfect for navigation in Budapest (car & public transport also) but BKK has developed its own public transport navigation:

Taxi information:

You can use only approved and licenced taxis in Budapest. These are yellow cars only and the prices are fix.
We recommend to use bigger taxi companies like the below mentioned and recommend to avoid the freelancer taxis (!).
The taxi company or the freelancer status is always visible on the car.
Some bigger taxi companies:
More information about taxi service:

Car Parking in Budapest


Ha önkéntesként szeretne segíteni a versenyen, akkor kérem írjon a " " címre.


Registration fee: 15€ or 5000 HUF.

You can register on the below form:

► Registration ◄


  • Speed Slalom
  • Freestyle Slalom Battle

Age and gender categories:

The above mentioned disciplines will be held in the below age categories:
  • junior (born b/w or on 1-Jan-2003 and 12-Dec-2009)
  • senior (born before or on 31-Dec-2002)
and if there are enough men and women participants comeptition will be devided to
  • male
  • female

Competitors must produce valid proof of identification and citizenship for the country of their WSSA ID.


Schedule / Timing plan:

To be announced later.


If you have any question please write to "".

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